Monday, January 31, 2011

Mud on the tires........

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After the excitement at Gracie's table a couple days ago, it's been rather dull and uneventful on the hill. I spent most of the day yesterday and this afternoon preparing for the "BIG STORM" that is approaching.
That included getting water for  ourselves and our  neighbor, Miss Charlotte ( she's a whole BLOG in herself with the  stories she tells), as well as gathering wood for the fires, cleaning the "buckets" and getting the car gassed up.
 Our other neighbors, who we refer to as  "The Steve's" , have been a great help to us this first year. We help each other out getting water, running to town to do shopping and  cutting wood. The chores go quicker when we all pitch in!
So, we were in the truck at "The Steve's", to get water for us and Charlotte. Of course the ground had thawed since the last freeze and had become acres of fine, red Missouri mud.
 Don't you know the truck got stuck in the muck!
It's been a while since I'd been muddin' in the Bootheel, so my driving was a bit on the cautious side. I wasn't wanting to tear up the yard and leave tracks all over the place. After a few times backwards then forwards then back and forth again, we were stuck even worse! Big Steve is a calm man, but I think his patience was running a bit thin with my driving ability. "Ya mind if I give it a try, grandma?" 
I sure don't, that way you can mess up your yard as much as you want too!
Less than five minutes later, we were trucking down the road!
Hillbillies  and their trucks!
Keep your fingers crossed that the forecast is wrong and that we aren't going to have blizzard conditions, because that would really suck!
I'll let you know how it all turns out.....

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