Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Woodpeckers and peckerwoods

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One thing is for certain here in Origanna Woods. We do have an abundance of nature, and nuts.
  I love to start my day with a good cup of coffee in the kitchen while watching my bird feeders.
I am amazed by the numbers of birds, and by the different species of birds that flock to my bird buffet.
No, I don't mean the chicken buffet that I had so sweetly set up for the hawks either.

To see the cardinals against the  snow covered ground ,or the dark eyed junco's  scratching  around to beat the band. Look up and see three species of woodpecker chipping away at the trees. It really is worth the few dollars spent on feeding them.

We've had a few snakes in the yard, as well.  Not my favorite by any means but still nature! I was sitting on the front porch this fall and out of the corner of my eye I noticed a small frog hopping faster than I've EVER seen a frog move. I think I heard him let out a little frog yell!
 Seconds later I see what it is that's making this little fellow  boogie, he is being pursued by a rather determined snake. When the snake realized I was there he froze , curled up and lowered his head. I may have screamed like a girl at this point, I'm not sure! I prefer to let any snake I see have the right of way, by about 50 yards. I think I was what allowed the frog to make his great escape.

As I was heading up to our neighbors house one afternoon after a strong rain, I saw a Blue Heron in the middle of the road. I know, what the hell?  I was quiet and able to watch it for a while. It turned out the this enormous bird was feasting on dozens of small frogs that had gathered in the flooded potholes of the road. Poor frogs didn't stand a chance in hell.  It was a beautiful thing to see it take flight. Our road is wooded on both sides so the bird had to fly forward for a while before he could head up and away. I would say that his wing span was at least 6 feet. Again, beautiful!

Now, the best things to see are the deer that cut across our backyard, or the wild turkeys that cross our road down behind GRACIE'S MARKET. One Thanksgiving  Day when Mark and I had come from Illinois, we had  turned onto our street and  quickly stopped the car to watch 5 turkeys cross in front of us and take cover in the woods. We had hoped they were heading to our place to hop in the oven. No luck.
I've seen on several occasions 3-7 deer out our kitchen window while I'm doing the dishes. Not a bad view at all. May have to put out a salt block this spring and get them a bit closer!

Pecker woods indeed! 

Several people have come through and offered services.
 We've offered a fellow who needed money for his kids to come and cut wood.
Feel free to come and cut some wood and sell it. We made the deal that for every three loads taken and sold one load would be left for us. Good idea right? Less work for me and everybody gets something out of it. Now mind you, we had the loggers there, so what they were cutting was the leftover tops of the trees that were already on the ground. Hard part done, right?
Needless to say I am back to chopping wood. After only getting one load of wood I guess he didn't need anymore money for his kids!
 I don't mind cutting, hauling and splitting wood. It's a great work-out and a wonderful way to relieve stress. But damn, again.

One gentleman was to pick up the lumber scraps and waste from the yard. It was piled and ready to be loaded. He never showed.
One fellow was paid to hang drywall upstairs. He needed money to get on his feet. Or so the story went. He worked well for a few days. Then one afternoon  I'd not heard the saw or drill or any hammering sounds in a couple hours, so I  went upstairs to make sure he was alright. If you call smoking meth alright, then he was great. I didn't help get him on his feet, but showed his ass to  the door! I can't believe someone would think that is OK.
Seriously?????!!!??   SIGH..........

It is what it is. That's what my father always said. True story there Dad!
This is a  process. Of building a house for over a decade. Losing friends along the way, but finding yourself.
 Of learning to earn what you spend, and when to spend what you earn. Of owning who we are.
 Of owning up to who we were.
It is what it is.................. thanks for the words Dad.


  1. hey! you're not just losing friends, you're picking up a few too!

  2. Love this! Keep writing!

    Love ya!!! Julie

  3. nature dude..u r living the dream