Friday, January 28, 2011

You sure have purdy ankles..... another horse tail

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I've seen a lot in my day.  SERIOUSLY !
 Today , however, takes the cake. I was cleaning the counter at work today and turned to the drive-up window to see 3 big horse  staring in at me!
I cracked up laughing, and then wondered if I were really cracking up!
OK, I see the riders. WHEW!
   On any warm, sunny day at GRACIE'S MARKET, you never know what or who you will find outside by the picnic table. Today it was the 3 horses, 2 Harley's, and 2 seriously hairy biker dudes!
Who could pass that up, right?????
Rebel,  ( my talking Boston Terrier) and I, headed out the door and over to the table.  Nothing like a few minutes with strangers in the woods  is what I always say........
Rebel however, because of his strange noises, answers to the name "Pig".  He was making those noises today  around the horses because he was so darned excited.
One horse in particular really caught his eye. I think it may have been puppy love, within 5 minutes of meeting this poor innocent horse, Rebel was DRY HUMPING the animal's ankle and not stopping when told to!
After his cigarette and nap, I finally managed to get him into the car.
Usually he considers himself a big dog, like the others on the hill. I've never told him the truth because it would obviously break his heart. Today he must have felt as big as a horse
I suppose if you are going to dream, dream REALLY big!

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