Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Running water, HUMANURE and other fun topics.....

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Now we get to talk about the business of business.............

One of the pitfalls of  the last year has been the lack of running water in the house. We had timber cut in hopes of securing the 6 grand needed to cover digging a well ( this includes another lesson learned).  We fell about 4 grand short of the goal and used the money earned to instead get the platform for the last part of the house built.
This section of the house includes the bathroom, utility room and the back porch.
I suppose that having this done means no more post holes to be dug!  Imagine a post hole digger and the rocks I spoke of previously.

Let me back up a few years............. Mark, Roger and I started our adventure by purchasing some acreage    ( site unseen) from our friend Neil at      
http://www.ozarkland.com/  .
After making our initial trip to see what we had bought we got busy.  After clearing and cleaning an area near a power pole ( to save on having to have one put in elsewhere on the property) we had a storage shed delivered to store our tools when we came to work. Inside the shed we built a platform to lay a bed, just in case the weather wasn't cooperating when we were here.
From the shed we set poles and built a kitchen/dining room. We kept building as money allowed. Several years later and many trips from Champaign we now have 4 bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and a library (still under some construction).
 The last rooms we built this summer, being the rooms I spoke of earlier.
Just two years ago we paid off the land. It's ours outright now!!!
Besides some wiring, drywall and general finishing touches we are  basically finished.   DREAM ON!

It's not as bad as one may think, not having running water. It is a bit of a pain but it really makes you appreciate what you do have.  For dishes I've set up a 35 gallon drum with a fountain pump and a faucet. The pump is plugged into a power strip and when you want water you just flip the switch! Pretty clever if I do say so myself! We do have to go to the neighbors with our 5 gallon jugs,  purchased at the local Wal-Mart. I use  these jugs to fill the 35 gallon jug and it lasts about 10 days.  How much water do you use to do the dishes??? Bet I got ya beat!
I heat the water on the stove for  doing the dishes and for general cleaning. It could be worse I'm sure.

As far as showers go, that's a bit different. During the winter I head to the neighbors, during the summer months I use a solar shower and consume less than 5 gallons of water per shower. And you?

I'm know by now that you are dying to know how we go about the business of doing our business. Who wouldn't want to know?
 I knew I didn't want to be unsanitary about this as it isn't the most pleasant part of our daily lives. Thanks to  www.youtube.com , I found a way to tackle this problem too. It's called humanure. It involves a 5 gallon bucket and sawdust ( either purchased at the feed store or gathered while cutting wood). Our motto is........... If  you poop use the scoop!
 The container when full is not as unpleasant as it sounds. No odor. No mess.
What I've done is built a frame several yards from the house. Take the bucket and dump it. Add some compostable material  and let mother nature do her job.   It's important to add grasses, leaves and the such to make it break down better. It does help to take a pitchfork to the pile once every couple of months. Just to speed up the process. I really like this because again it conserves water. In great amounts. The only water I use is to clean and sanitize the container.
 Nobody said this was going to be easy. Good thing, otherwise they would have been kicked in the crotch!
 Has my move been worth it? Yes.
Would I change anything? No.
That is the lesson learned!


  1. HUMANURE yep! the fun "unmentionable" topic... amusing though that you'd think it would smell but it doesn't

  2. Its not as bad as one may think!