Friday, January 28, 2011


POST # 4

It would appear that Beef is for dinner........ for a few days.
After a quick trip in to Lebanon last night my neighbor, Mr. Kelly, asked if I knew how to cut and clean beef. I have cleaned sever HUNDRED pounds of tenderloin before while catering.
"Would you mind helping me clean some cow when we get back to the house?", he asked as innocently as possible.  
Yes, beef and cow are the same thing. This I understand.
He meant cow!
It so happens that a mother cow died while giving birth.
Mr. Kelly had over a quarter of a cow that he needed cleaned, ground, and frozen.
Oh, Lord!
I was quite happy to see that he had removed the hide, and most of the meat from  the bone.  Unfortunately he wasn't sure of meat cuts and basically sliced away the meat in large chunks. Most of the prime was still intact, so he did better than he thought.
Once I showed him the parts I knew to be the best cuts, we went to slicing.  After two hours of work we had two fantastic tenderloins, several steaks, roasts, stew chunks and over fifteen pounds of fresh ground beef.
We decided to call it a night and pick up where we left off this afternoon. 
Mr. Kelly was surprised to see how well I could work my knife, and by how much beef was actually useable in the pile he thought was scrap.
The poor calf will never know it's mother ( tear) , but we are all thankfull for a free freezer full of beef!
Mark was impressed with the cuts and asked if they had the cow's heart.  Sorry, but I will be good and damned before I go there!!
Moo-ving on............