Monday, January 30, 2012

Been a while....

Six months has flown by very quickly!
In the time that has passed since my last post we have expanded the pet population on the farm exponentially.
And for some reason they are ALL pregnant!
Our first new addition was our beautiful Buckskin Quarter horse, "Queen".
We expect that she was foaled with a dapple grey quarter horse.

This is her taking advantage of the new stable we were building for her. She was inside before we even got the roof on!
Above you can see the beginning of the stable. We were able to get a hold of some AMAZING 100 year old barn siding to build with. So the only cost to us was the roofing material.
We've since expanded the occupancy of said stable by 2. We purchased two knocked up goats that should be springing forth the fruit of the loins very soon!
Of course to follow along at the house and match the other four-legged creatures, one goat is black and one is white.
We claimed one of the back corners of the stable and used reclaimed wooden pallets and   a bit of fencing left over from a previous project, we made a rather impressive goat pen.
Then we made it two stories!
By building up we were able to double their sleeping space and not use up any more area that Queen occupied. I had an old headboard frame that I used mainly as extra security for the goat on the top 'floor'. It really seems to work for the two, Georgia and Wheezy.
Georgia spends most of her day above and lounging on grains and hay, while Wheeza is really curious about what is going on around the yard.
I've caught, more that once, Queen snoozing with her head right next to the goat pen.
Single story above and double below.
It was as simple as cutting a new hole in the back side of the stable and supplying a ramp for access. 
The goats are allowed to run the yard sometimes while we are outside, but I think they are staying closer to the nest the days.
Mark decided that we should indeed adopt this poor French bulldog, Anna-Banana, from this nice lady whos stopped by to "say hello."
Anna-Banana had two puppies  about two weeks ago.
I will be sure to show some photos of the little ones soon.
We've also been very productive around the house lately. Drywall in my bedroom as well as trimming out the fireplace and windows with more of the repurposed barn wood. (FREE)
It's making my bedroom finally feel like the comfy cozy place that it should be.
After all of this we have also slightly rearranged the set-up in the kitchen. 
After working with the single bowl sink that we had installed 15 years ago as a camp sink, we finally came across a porcelain double sink.  If you look closely behind the
go-cart which we purchased a few months back , you can see the sink where we found it. Propped up against the old barn.
So we now have an 8 foot long dish, prep area under our three windows looking out at the side yard where the animals are.
Along with the new go-cart we also purchased a 1940 Ford tractor. And we LOVE it!
It's done everything we've asked of us, and never thrown us off.
Unlike Queen.
Off to more projects...