Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blowing Snow BLOWS

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Other than the weather, it's been a nice week for us here in Origanna Woods.
As of now we are sitting under a beautiful 5 inches of snow. It's in the upper 30's here today, so a bit of the ice is melting away.
After many long months of waiting, Mark's new wheelchair arrived yesterday.  15 K worth of  Handi-hauling power! The new chair is easily  one foot higher than his previous chair, this allows (for the first time), Mark to be able to see what I am cooking on the stove. I politely pointed out that with this new level of elevation comes new responsibilities, and then I showed him the dishes................
We are excited for  his first trip down the hill to GRACIE'S MARKET where he can also check the mail. Sometimes the ability to do the little things give us the most strength. Still doesn't mean I want to date a Chinese guy, so I will find little things elsewhere.
I did manage to make it into town to do a bit of shopping, thank goodness. I try to only go into town twice a month unless there is something I absolutely need. It was a long 4 hour trip, but managed to get a lot done.
Daisy has decided to grace us with her presence.............

This is our lovely pup having a play at the neighbors pond. She has found her a buddy that lives up the road a bit and spends more nights with him than she does at home! I'm not worried about her running here because all the neighbors love to see her when she visits.
The other dogs have taken well to the country life also. Sydnee is an 11 year old sheltie who loves to bark at the shadows, she has calmed down so much since being here, she is like a new dog.
Rebel, well he's just Rebel. Our little "Pig". I say 4 words and he is at the door......... "Let's go to work".
It's funny to watch him run and greet the customers at the store, most of whom call him "PIG".
Every day that passes is a day that I am thankful for choices we made in getting us where we are today. Our little piece of hillbilly heaven in the Ozarks. I love seeing what comes my way every day.
Even if it's our 74 year old neighbor Charlotte, talking about ' lifting her leg' to make her husband happy.
My , oh my............................

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