Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Birthdays , Bondsmen, and Betty ..........

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The month started like any other February, cold, icy, and snow covered.  I was surprised that by my birthday on Valentine's Day, the temperature had warmed up to the mid 50's.  Good thing global warming is a hoax or I'd be concerned.
I did enjoy a nice birthday and was humbled by the number of friends  who took a few minutes out of their day to send well wishes.

After months cooped up in the Manor, it was finally warm enough, and the road was dry enough, for Mark to make a trip down the hill in his new wheelchair. It works perfect for him. It is much higher than his previous chair.  So  now his sitting height is almost 5 foot  tall. 
He's really enjoyed making the trek to Gracie's Market a few times this week, and actually being able to come inside the store for the first time ever!
To see where some of the stories I tell him come from.
I asked a customer what their plans were for the day and the response was, " getting drunk and pullin' titties."
To each their own.
 Come to find out he's a dairy farmer and it was milkin' time on the farm!
I loaded Mark and his chair into the car and we headed to Lebanon last week to pay some bills and get off the hill. It appears that Lebanon, Missouri is not set up as well as Illinois is as far as wheelchair accessibility is concerned.  Arriving to  take care of our bill we were surprised to  find that the only way into the business was UP 3 steps. Hard to do in a wheelchair.
Nothing a letter to the mayor won't help fix.
Considering all the wheelchairs I've seen here you would think that every business would be ramped and easily accessed.
That's not even bringing in the fat factor. I've never seen so many obese people as I have in this area.  Seriously, ever heard of salad??????

A friend on the hill celebrated his birthday a few days after mine.  Unfortunatly, his idea of 'celebrating' is a LOT different than mine.
Mine didn't include meth or jail time.
It is very sad that the only thing these kids find fun to do is the one thing that leads to jail or loss of sanity, or DEATH.
What ever happened  to hanging out at the skating rink, bowling or cruising the loop? Are those days in the past?
If only there were something that could be done.....

To make matters worse our friends granmother passed away 4 days later, while he sat in a cell.
The only good that came from this is that she passed quck and didn't suffer.
 Nor did she konw about the troubles her grandson had gotten into.
At 84 she was still a spitfire!
She may not have always remembered my name, she called me pretty boy,
 but she would always comment that I had a cute butt!
 After so long without one , I was happy to take the compliment!
Betty, your sweet smilin' Irish eyes will be missed.

The best thing about this week is that spring is in the air. Daffodils are popping their sleepy heads up and vultures are circling their prey. ( I was told that Vultures come back when it gets warm, the vultures I know never leave)
It's now time to get seeds together and start planning our garden. I will be starting some plants indoors in mid-March and will keep you posted on our progress.

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