Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This Mother's Love............... for my Mother Becky. Happy Birthday!

I realized this evening when I got home from working the plants, that today was my dear, sweet, loving (step) Mother's Birthday.
And I forgot to call.
I am certain that there is indeed, a special kind of   hell for a son that does not remember to call his Mama on her Birthday.
I do, however understand, no mere words can undo my mistake. But, me being me, is going to try....

I love you. 
Happy Birthday.

This Mother's Love

This Mother's Love
was as strong as our first

This Mother's Love
showed more when we were
at our worst

This Mother's Love
is as sure and as bright as the Sun

This Mother's Love
nurtured us as few could have

This Mother's Love
it flows from her heart

This Mother's Love
we all miss when we are apart

This Mother's Love 
has held onto us all tight

This Mother's Love 
was there in our darkest of nights

This Mother's Love 
is not
it is not indeed

This Mother's Love
is the love of our MOTHER 
that's all it could be.

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