Saturday, April 9, 2011

I can't believe that it is so difficult to keep up a blog on a regular basis. It seems like the warmer it gets, the faster the day is over. By the time I've done the daily chores and wasted time at looking for creative ideas on homesteading, it is already time to cook dinner, feed the dogs, chickens and sugar glider, then finally ourselves.

Mark and I are usually on the couch watching THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE before the 6:30 starting time.

He is graceful everytime I kick his behind at it! Take for example the night this was the puzzle I solved with one letter....... living thing............................. _.... _ _ _ _ _ _...... _ _ ....._ _ _ S _.

Any clue what it is yet?

Maybe I will let you think about it for a minute and tell you later!

The plans that Mark and I have for this next week is to have the rest of the material delivered for the roof over the kitchen. Our hope is that this is the LAST of the roofing that we will have to do for a while.

Not that being up on rafters is a bad thing, holding on with your big toe and a pinkie, praying that your junk doesn't slip to the other side of the beam throwing you off balance and sending you to your death below.

I'm not a big fan of heights (that doesn't involve a harness of some sort ) and tend to shake more than a big girls ass in spandex.

Pretty, I know.

I would still love to go skydiving at some time, but, just don't ask me to climb that ladder! Go figure that one out!

Once we've finished the new roof over the kitchen our next goal is to finish the bathroom and possibly do a bit of decking between the house and the library. Which in turn would serve two purposes, one, Mark would have a nice level area right outside the door of the dining room and would also gain access to the library. Unfortunatly, the 'library' is now a second shed and needs to be cleaned out and organized before being wired and insulated and finished. Good news is that there is no roofing involved!

The bathroom is going to be made out of the middle room off of the dining room. The room had started as one of the first bedrooms, but as the house grew our plans changed accordingly.

This does make more sense, seeing as how it is centrally located. The whole room will be tiled and open with a drain trench in the floor. By catching the grey water, we can use it to water the garden and for use cleaning our tools and such outside. W are designing it with Mark in mind, so this involves a bench seat on the back wall of the shower and a solid hand grip for accessibility.

Our hope is that by the time Fall rolls around we will have many of our little projects finished and be a lot more comfortable come winter. Without spending a small fortune running the furnace.

Hopefully we will be able to get duct work in place under the house and have an outdoor furnace in place by November. Keep your fingers crossed.

So many projects, so little time!!!!

In other news, our friends from Kansas are hitting the homestead trail and moving to Origanna Woods in as soon as 2 weeks. We are looking forward to their arrival, and to finally meeting in person.

Their family will be close to GRACIES MARKET so I hope to see them often.

Our good friend Brandon is also hitting the hillbilly trail ,and is expected to arrive in mid-May.

He is a great source of motivation so I know he will be happy to jump in and get to work. Hmmm......... roofing may wait til he arrives!

Now back to the one letter puzzle above, did you figure it out? A GAGGLE OF GEESE.


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  1. Hey Jon.. you don't need to wait on the roofing ask for some help... -HINT-