Friday, May 13, 2011

Lessons in Karma

I have long held to the belief that whatever energy you put out into the world around you is going to be the same energy that you, in turn, receive.
That was especially true this past week.

 At the start of this week I found myself working the soil and putting in a garden. 
I love to garden, more than I had ever realized, and to reap the rewards of a bit of hard work at the end of the season.
Our friends Jerry and Linda have a wonderful farm less than two miles from us here at Origanna Woods.  That's part of it above.
The garden  soil has been turned and properly fertilized with an abundance of  beautiful manure. ( yes, beautiful)
It's  a bit odd to be standing beside three piles of shit that are taller that yourself!
These two nice folks have so many other projects going on that they hardly had the time to even consider planting. 
Let me help! 
Keeping in mind, this is the same Jerry who got a call from us last week, a call of desperation. Our new neighbors were here and had no way of getting their cabin up the hill or leveled in place. Jerry was there in less than a half hour with a back hoe, clearing and widening the road and then pulling the semi and attached cabin up the hill. 
Needless to say, when I heard he wanted a garden but lacked the ability to put one in place, I jumped at the chance to return the favor. After a little conversation and  'careful' planning, we were ready to get to work. With the amount of room to fill, it was obvious there would be much left over garden space.

We managed to come to the conclusion that any extra harvest would be shared by people we knew that really needed the food. Share the bounty. Thirty tomato plants is a lot, especially seeing as we were only planting for a total of 4 people at the start of the project.

This is the long view of the garden. We've managed to plant 32 rows of veggies so far. 
Ok, fruit and veggies if you want to get technical about it!
The KARMA comes into play here because of the work I put in at Abundant Acres, I was given the tomato and pepper plants.  
Batting a thousand so far.
FREE veggies for the year??

This is Mr. Steve Kelly, one of our neighbors on the hill. He is pointing out some of the crop damage due to the hail storm we had yesterday. Only a few broken plants, but they should survive! He's quite proud of the hat he's wearing because it holds one of the tail feathers from my rooster. The same rooster that chases him when he comes to the house! The same rooster that makes him scream like a little girl!
I think he believes it's a trophy of sorts.

 This is the same neighbor I am helping with the wind chimes that we've put on Ebay.

Here's a couple to look at....

Aren't they just full of rustic charm?
Steve's late mother had obviously been prepared to make wind chimes for years judging by the amount of prepped bottles and rings that we've found. It's just going to be a matter of us piecing them all together.
It would be great to sell these so he has a bit of extra income. Check em out!
Mid-week Steve and I went to help the cabin neighbors by cutting out some windows in their stuffy unventilated home.  They seem to be constantly surprised by the amount of help they receive from people they've known less than two weeks.
Again, it's what you put out there......
KARMA also visited the next day while I was working at Gracie's Market. A neighbor from the other side of the hill that I've not really talked to very  much, showed up and asked if I knew anybody that could use a FREE wood chipper and a FREE lawnmower. I excitedly showed him to my van and we loaded them up! Once we got them home and filled the oil they fired right up! SWEET!
Thank you KARMA!
Time to end this one, looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

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